Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baleigh is Turning One! { Baby, Children's Professional Photographer- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

It is hard to believe a year has come and gone with photographing this little princess! I first photographed her while she was still in her Mommy's belly! This little angel is always so easy and fun to work with! What a little doll! Sorry for the delay on these! I know you guys are excited about seeing them!!! Thanks again for the opportunity to photograph your little ones first year!


They are fabulous pics Angie! I just love your work.- Nancy Floyd

These are adorable!!!- Trish Fields

What a cutie!- Crystal Hogsten

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Gollihue Family! { Family Professional Photographer- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

This family is tops!! I was blessed to meet Lea Ann and the children back in the summer when they came in for a special session just for Dad! But this was truly a special session! Seeing this family all together for this session was a blessing! Elliott is one of the many serving our country over seas. Even though his trip was short, he will be reunited once again in December with his wonderful family. Let's all remember him in our prayers for another safe trip home with his family! They are a wonderful family! God has blessed them! And I am thankful once again for God sending me such a dear and sweet family!

This is one of the many card layouts I offer! This is a trifold card 5x5 in size. You need to see these in person they are fabulous! I offer may other types which will allow multiple images the accordian is also a fav of many of my clients!

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These are so cute!! I especially like the Christmas pics!!- Jeri Tomlin Andre

What a sweet family-I love this ! So funny, its what every kid wants to do tie their parents up- Crystal Hogsten

LOVE the new pics!!! They are so cute!! How is the world are you going to choose which ones!! I loved them!!! This one is my favorite!! But I love them all! I can't wait to have you do my famiy of 7!! - Becky Reidelberger Leadingham

Christmas Card material- Elliott Gollihue

so pretty...i love this setting -angie these are absolutly gorgeous!-Iva Wireman

Angela - tell me you are not already doing holiday shoots?? Great one - love the kids' expressions!, GREAT job, girl! These rock and I love the holiday shots.- Karen Greer

I love this one. . . it's so cute- Shanna Roberts

awww, i like this- Heather Harris

you do an absolutely awesome job!- Pam Boggs

These are really good! I love the ones with the Santa suit- Shannon Holland

Love them all!!!! Thanks again Angie for everything!!! You are amazing!!!!- Lea Ann Gollihue

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Womack Wedding! { Professional Photographer- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

First of all sorry Jason and Tiffany for the delay! They were married 4 weeks ago today! But thank goodness you understand how busy I am and overlook the delay on these! What a beautiful wedding! A gorgeous bride and good looking groom the perfect couple! The skies were perfect as the evening came those beautiful pink skies were all aglow! It was breathtaking! Let me end by saying I DO NOT DO WEDDINGS! LOL! I get emails and calls all the time I turned down 4 this week! So sorry! But this is the last one! My busy studio schedule does not permit me to have time to take on weddings. It was for my baby brother so I made an exception! Congrats Jason and Tiffany you are a match made in Heaven!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flowers by Zoe & Some Mim Pi Modeled by Miss K- { Commercial Professional Photographer- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

Kennah loves this rocker dress by Flowers by Zoe. My favorite brand is this euro brand Mim Pi they have some of the cutest things!! Here are 2 sets we did recently! Great job Miss K! You work so hard my dear!!!

A Match Made in Heaven- { Engagement Professional Photographer- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

This couple truly is that! What a beautiful couple! The best years of your lives are still left to come!! Thanks for your patience on these!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Little Miss Layla- { Baby Professional Photographer- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

I had this sweet little angel in today! Just had to share one from her session I know Mommy will want to see this one! It may be a while before I get the rest of this session up but I loved this shot of her on one of my retro Cadillac children's couches! I have some of these in now in diffent colors for boys and girls both they are adorable!!! But little Layla is what is adorable! She was the sweetest little thing! What a doll!!! Enjoy Charity!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Amanda Russell 2010 Senior- { Senior Professional Photographer- Kentucky, OH, West Virginia}

Amanda has the most incredible eyes! They are like looking at a fine piece of crystal! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your family! I apologize for the delay! Thanks again!

For those waiting on proofs! I am running close to 2 weeks behind on them! So thanks in advance for you patience!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cody GCHS 2010 Senior- { Senior Professional Photographer- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

Wow Cody was one of the easiest guys to work with! Just a great kid! Love his wardrobe choices as well! Nice job Mom! It was a blast working on the golf course! Don't you love his little reindeer head? It was a pleasure meeting you guys! I know how excited Jennifer is about seeing these proofs! Again thanks for your patience!