Thursday, December 31, 2009

KMK Wishes you and yours a Happy New Year!!

I would like to take a moment and thank all of my wonderful clients for Choosing KMK Photography this year as their portrait studio! I cannot believe how fast my business has grown in the last 2 years! I started out building a portfolio of clients in 2006 out of my home. Then in 2007 purchased a small building to work out of. It was not long that I had outgrown the building and needed to expand my studio! So in April of this year we had a new studio built! I love the space I have and am so thankful for the growth of my business! I owe all of my success to God! He has continued to bless me over and over again!

My blog is still not caught up due to the overwhelming amount of sessions I did in the last month! I still have some seniors, families and babies sessions to edit and post on the blog.

I have so much to look forward to this year and I am excited to work with you and your family. May you and your family be blessed in 2010!!

God Bless,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Harris Cuties!!! { Children Professional Photographer-Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

The little Harris girls are always such a blast to work with! Little dolls!! Thanks again for CHOOSING KMK PHOTOGRAPHY for your special portrait session!!

Jamie and his best friend! { Children Professional PHotography- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

I love this little guy! Such a sweetheart! This little pup was the most adorable little thing!!! It was great seeing you all again!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Miss Willow!! { Baby Professional Photographer- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

What an absolute doll baby!!! This sweet baby is the Mayor of Greenup's sweet grandchild!! OOh I could keep this one!! I just love this age! Thanks for choosing KMK PHOTOGRAPHY for your special portraits of your little one!! I also photographed the lighting of the Christmas tree at Greenups first annual Christmas celebration per the mayors request! The Christmas cards were beautiful but not as beautiful as this little one!! Mamma Pam I know you are going to spoil this one!!!


Beautiful !! Mary Dixon

She is beautiful and I love the pictures!! JoAnn

she is precious and I love the the picts...- Wendy Dishman

You have a beautiful subject to start with! Love the pictures!!- Kathy Lewis

I love the pictures the ones of you and Willow are my fav!!! Marlena Ross

These are cute the ones of Mom and daughter are precious!! Choosing just a few would be hard I would want to buy them all!!! - Christy Ebbers

Beautiful pictures Christy!- Cheri Bailey

Christy these are wonderful!!! Willow and her Mommy look like dolls!!- Marlene Castle

Taken at KMK Photography in Greenup!! I think Willow is a cutie! But I am biased!! Christy Hewlett Thomas

Willow's new pictures are adorable!!! - Robyn Hould

Willow's pictures are fantastic!!! Natalie Ross

So cute love them all!! Rachael Wheeler

She is such a cutie!! Becky Miller

Cantrell Cuties!! { Children Professional Photographer- KY, OH, WV}

These two little cuties were so much fun! It was a pleasure meeting you all!!! I did not know until speaking the Mom that her Mom was Mrs. Barber who I remember so well from GCHS. You have such adorable grandbabies!!! I know you must be proud!!!

Brody's Turning ! { Baby Professional Photography - Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

This little guy was in the best mood even with the big drive coming here he was still so easy to work with!!! Such a beautiful family! It was great meeting you all!!! Thanks for CHOOSING KMK PHOTOGRAPHY for your special portrait session!!!


Another Brody how cute!!! -Shanna Roberts

love this little snowman suit!- Shannon Holland- Shannon Holland Photography

This little guy is adorable! Love the snowman suit!! Tara Hancock Fenney

Sweet little Graeyson!!! - Children/ Baby Professional Photography Studio- KY, OH, WV}

This little one is such a smart baby!! This year she called me by my name! Her Grannie always come with her own props! Debbie is such a sweetheart!! Thanks for choosing KMK Photography Deb!!

Beautiful Baby Baylee!!- { Baby Professional Photography Studio- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

Little Baylee is the sweetest baby!!! I love working with her! And what a doll!!!

I am soo behind on my blog! Please forgive me! I hope to get you all on here today!!


Sooo cute!!! -Deanna Scott

I love this little baby- Hannah Faye Watters

Love all of these- Billie Morrison

Love them!!!- Lori Ann Stuart

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from KMK Photography!!!!

During the hustle and bustle of this season let us not forget the reason for this season! The Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! May this coming year bring you much happiness and many blessings! And may we always remember who gives us this joy Our Lord Jesus!!! God Bless, Angie

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A great Family- { Family Professional Photographer- KY, OH, WV

Another fabulous family this season!! Jessica is already spreading the word to everyone about KMK Photography! I received the sweetest email from her cousin Kristi who is looking forward to bringing her girls to me!!

Here are her facebook comments which as she told me she won the best Christmas card this year in her family!

Facebook Comments!

I have OFFICIALLY declared you the winner of the 2009 Christmas card contest! OMG ... that by far is the CUTEST card I have ever seen by far!! I love it! I am mad you beat me this year!! But I am getting pumped up for next year!!- Krisi Martin Kohm

The cutest Christmas card I have ever seen!! Michelle Euton Spradlin

You had the cutest Christmas card we have ever seen. It can't be outdone! We all love it!!! Angie Euton Logan

These are exactly what I was wanting!!! We love them! Jessica Martin

Coldiron Family -{ Family Professional Photographer- Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia }

What a beautiful family! These two little guys were so much fun and great to work with!! It was great meeting you all!!


Thank YOU! I LOVE the picts!!!They are GREAT!! - Andrea Coldiron

Tamrin & Emily -{Children Professional Photography Studio- KY, OH, WV }

These little sweeties were so much fun! What little dolls!! I can see Tamrin in the modeling world! What a doll baby!!!