Friday, April 1, 2016

College Grad- { Professional Photography studio serving- Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia area }

This is Miss Tussey 4 Years ago her high school Senior year..  photo IMG_8652.jpg Now she is already graduating college ready to tackle the world!! Its such a wonderful feeling photographing these young men and women and seeing them reach their goals and come back for their milestone portraits! Congrats Emily!!! So proud of you and your accomplishments!  photo IMG_9089-po.jpg  photo IMG_9084-po.jpg  photo IMG_9079-po.jpg  photo IMG_9107-po.jpg  photo IMG_9098-po.jpg  photo IMG_9094-po.jpg Thanks again for choosing

Sweet and Sassy- {Children's Photography Studio serving- Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia areas }

What an energetic, fun and sassy little girl! Loved working with this cutie once again! She always puts a smile on my face! :)  photo IMG_5284-po.jpg  photo IMG_5308-po.jpg  photo IMG_5293-po.jpg  photo IMG_5346-po.jpg Thank you for choosing

Two little Cuties!!- { Children's Photography Studio- serving- Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia }

What a couple cuties!! I have been photographing this 6 year old since he was only 10 days old! Now I have the pleasure of photographing little brother! I so enjoy working with them and hearing Titus say " Gigi its good to see you again! My job is so rewarding with the relationships I have earned along the way of photographing great families! I wouldn't want it any other way :)  photo IMG_5006-po.jpg  photo IMG_5043-po.jpg  photo IMG_4969-po.jpg  photo IMG_4925-po.jpg  photo IMG_4954-po.jpg  photo IMG_4930-po.jpg Thank you for choosing

Preston- GCHS 2016 Senior- { Senior Photography Studio serving, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia area}

Preston was such an easy senior to work with! What a pleasure to photograph this great young man!  photo IMG_5148-po - Copy.jpg  photo IMG_5165-po - Copy.jpg  photo IMG_5202-po - Copy.jpg  photo IMG_5222-po.jpg  photo IMG_5196-po.jpg  photo IMG_5253-po.jpg Thanks for choosing