Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sharing a few of Raceland Senior Brian T.!

Brian it was so nice meeting you! Megan you are a doll and it was a pleasure meeting you as well!! They both were so sweet and so much fun to work with! His eyes and the colors he chose to wear were just perfect! You did great Brian! Thanks for coming in and thanks for choosing KMK Photography as your Studio Choice to do your senior session with! Look forward to doing your outdoor session in the Spring!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Check out these Beautiful Children!!!

These little cuties were so much fun!! They were so easy to photograph! Sorry for the delay! I have been in the studio all day today! I am running about a week behind! Sorry for the delays! This has been a busy month for me! It was such a pleasure meeting this family!

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Favorite Niece- Kennedy!!!!

Wow Kennedy has grown up so fast! She does not look 14 at all! Kennedy as you can see LOVES tennis! AS a matter of fact, she has been gone for a week now playing in tournaments! Everywhere from Syracuse, NY to down South somewhere! I forget where they are next! LOL! I did manage to get some of her without that racket! She is a ham! Acts like her Dad! She was posing and saying oh Aunt Angie, how about this? A regular little super model!!! Sorry for the delay guys! You know I have been swamped this month! I even had two sessions yesterday on Thanksgiving! But when people are only here for Thanksgiving and are out of town clients I will always help them out! I had to get this posted for them to see before I begin my crazy day with sessions! I will get more done as time allows! Like I said I am swamped and trying to catch up!!

I wanted to post a little something yesterday but did not want to take up Sierra's post with it! Kennedy won't mind! LOL!

We received good news this week and I wanted let you all know how wonderful God has been to us! My Dad had a place on his back that had turned color to black and his Dr said he did not like the looks of it! He said it could be Cancer! My Dad went to the Dermatologist on Tuesday and all was good! No Cancer! When Dad called to tell me the good news he was saying God answered our prayers! I have said this time and time again but God is so good! I am thankful for him giving me two wonderful Christian parents who raised me a loving Christian home! God has been so gracious to bless them with good health as well as the rest of my family! They all mean the world to me! I give God the Thanks!!!! I hope you all have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

America's Next Top Model- Sierra

There is not a doubt that Sierra could be on any website as a featured model! She is Gorgeous!!! Gorgeous eyes, perfect hair and flawless skin this girl has it all!!! Sorry Sierra for your wait I know you have been excited about seeing these!!! Thanks again!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Beautiful Carter County Family!

This family was so sweet! It was such a pleasure meeting you all! Little Gabe and Nate are just sweethearts! You have a beautiful family! Sorry for your delay!